Catberry Framework

Catberry is an isomorphic framework for building universal front-end apps using components, Flux architecture and progressive rendering.

Install Catberry CLI using following command:
# npm install -g catberry-cli

Now you can create an empty project with Handlebars support like this:
$ catberry init empty-handlebars

Or an example application that works using GitHub API:
$ catberry init example

Also, you can get a list of all templates:
$ catberry init ?

Catberry builds a bundle for running the application in a browser as a Single Page Application
Cat-Components – similar to web-components but organized as directories, can be rendered on the server and published/installed as NPM packages
The entire architecture of the framework is built using the Service Locator pattern – which helps to manage module dependencies and create plugins – and Flux, for the data layer
Search crawler receives a full page from the server. The whole state of the application is restored from URL
Fast and Efficient
Server-side progressive rendering based on node.js streams and parallel rendering of components in a browser
The framework is well-tested (code coverage is about 90%) and it is already used in production

Fast progressive rendering
UX with Unoptimized (regular) rendering
HTML is buffered on the server
until the whole page is built
(user sees a blank page for a long time, more TTFB)
Content 1
Content 2
Content 3
UX with Progressive rendering
Browser receives every chunk of HTML
as soon as it's built on the server
(user sees the first part of the page immediately, less TTFB)
Content 1
Content 2
Content 3